The position of a school bus driver requires tremendous dedication and responsibility.  Every month of the school year, in darkness and daylight, bitter cold and brutal heat they are called upon to deliver our precious students to their places of learning and then home again safely and promptly.  They maneuver through traffic regardless of road conditions while maintaining the conduct of the children on the bus and are looked upon for leadership and decision-making in the event of an emergency.  I think you would agree with us that the school bus drivers for the Harrison Township Schools go above and beyond for our students and deserve our appreciation and thanks for their service. 

In the spring, the PTA organizes Transportation Appreciation Week to say thank you to all of the men and women transporting the students in the Harrison Township District.  

Your student may be called upon to design a “home-made” token of thanks for their individual driver and we encourage each of our families to take the time to say “thanks” in their own special way.

As always, we are always looking for volunteers for Transportation Appreciation Week – it takes a lot of coordination and effort to make these events successful.  If you are interested in helping, CLICK HERE.

If you have general questions regarding Transportation Appreciation, please contact