A list of our PTA Board, Committee Chairs and Coordinators for each of our Programs, Events and Fundraisers is listed below. The Harrison Township PTA is proud to have so many parents willing to donate their time and talent to help our schools.  

Please feel free to contact anyone on the board if you want more information about volunteering with the PTA! Thanks!!

    Board of Directors
Lori Penderleith
Executive Vice President
Jessica Caucci
Brittney Heary
Recording Secretary
Vicki Westervelt
VP of Communications
Megan Battaglia
VP of Fundraising
Kim Denton
VP of Student Events
Megan Baylock
VP of Student Programs 
Karen Keser Onyshczak


Committee Chairs and Coordinators
Megan Sakhleh
Joanne Lopresti
Michele Fecht
Kacy Alestra
Kelly Redkoles
Renee Meloro
Danielle Kierland
Sherri Martin 
Tammie Biagi
Jessica Morgan
Jennifer Bowen
Class Picnics
Kim Denton
Color Run
Danie Dotsey Ramirez
Color Run
Rochelle Kugler
Meghan Sakhleh 
Heather Dell
Alison Lynch
Megan Blaylock
Jessica Caucci
Loni Klecko
Jen Urban
Cheryl Salotto
Stephanie Holm
Dana Gorman
Kim Denton
Vicki Westervelt
Megan Battaglia
Desiree Adams
Alexis Ofchinick
Jen Urban
Lisa Sharp
Desiree Adams
Renee Meloro
Megan Sakhleh
Toni Engelhard
Jennifer Pustizzi
Kim Hill
Jen Poletti
Kellie Wharton
Tracy Cook
Webmaster Kelly Yanek
Caitlyn Boothman
Christyn Vanaman
Sheelu Tomar